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Fragrances of the '90s

Back when body splash was synonymous with perfume, most of my favorite fragrances had top notes of Jolly Rancher and hints of Lip Smacker. I Scotch-taped perfume ads on my walls next to No Doubt posters and Jared Leto's face, and spent all my Napster money on anything Gap, Clinique, Ralph Lauren, Gucci and Bath and Body Works had to offer. From plastic spray bottle mists to serious, grown-up perfumes, these were my favorites (which must have been everyone else's favorites, because really I was just buying what I thought everyone else was buying).

Gap Dream and Gap Heaven

Naturally, my first perfume came from the Gap, which I'd fallen DEEP DEEP into in the '90s—in leggings, smiley face t-shirts and khaki cargo capris, which were the trifecta of cool. Their scents Dream and Heaven were just as awesome, although I have no recollection of what they smelled like and only remember the blue bottles with clouds on them (obviously to represent heavenly skies).

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