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Why We Love Simple Gold Chokers

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Until recently, chokers shared a nostalgic nook of my brain with capri pants, platform sandals, body glitter and Lip Smackers. But then I noticed a bunch of celebs—neither Spice Girls nor Blossom Russo—wearing the neck-hugging necklace. These photos trumped my mental images of 1998 and those stretchy black plastic coils, and—while I never would've believed this comeback in 2003— they even made me want a choker. Again.

Although I like the embellished black ribbon chokers Emmy Rossum and Chloe Moretz wore last week, what I really, really love are the simple gold ones Olivia Wilde and Rihanna both tried recently. Mostly because that sliver of gold's not precious—it pairs just as well with an elegant look, like Olivia Wilde's black gown, as it does with something more daytimey, or even a little punk. My friends have been wearing their gold chokers peeking out of button downs and sweaters, while Rihanna toughened hers up with a low-cut dress, matching armbands and an army of rings.

In each situation, the choker's striking shape makes a totally different statement. (And not one that has anything to do with *NSync, mini backpacks or Dawson's Creek.) Click through the slideshow below to shop some my favorite versions of the versatile, eye-catching collar:

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