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Graduation Gifts That He'll Actually Like

Prom season means only one thing—graduation is well on the way. There are high school kids making moves to college, college kids making moves into what looks like probable unemployment and graduate students moving on to become the experts they've trained to be. No matter what stage you're in, commencement is always a happy time. You can pat yourself on the back for accomplishing what was expected of you and, of course, you get showered with gifts. If you're actually the one doing the showering, I've pulled together a few options for Y-chromosome toting humans. Hopefully, these will serve them in the next stage of their life.

Money Clip

Although every dude should have a wallet, a money clip has its advantages. It's a perfect option for when you need cash, an ID, a card and nothing else. And with a "Bones" inscription, it makes for a real conversation starter.