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Collar Stays

Most men underestimate the importance of maintaining clothes. Collar stays are to shirts as shoe trees are to shoes. It might seem like an odd gift, but these ones have a sense of humor. They'll make your graduate—or any other person handling his laundry—chuckle.

Money Clip

Although every dude should have a wallet, a money clip has its advantages. It's a perfect option for when you need cash, an ID, a card and nothing else. And with a "Bones" inscription, it makes for a real conversation starter.

Belt Buckle

This one actually draws from personal experience. It's a tradition among my family and friends that they receive this engraved belt buckle when they graduate. Remember, the leather must be purchased separately. If your graduate isn't so straight-laced, Andy Spade had his engraved with "Loser". Food for thought.   

Fantastic Man

A magazine for adult men with cultural curiosities, Fantastic Man has writing from some of the world's most impressive and successful dudes. The bi-annual is pricey, but well worth the money.

Shaving Kit

Far too many men go the route of slapping shaving cream on with their hands. How barbaric. A brush gives more coverage and preps the skin a little, resulting in a better shave. Send your graduate out with the smoothest skin possible.

iPhone Case

Through my own addiction to my iPhone, I've learned that you're only as strong as your battery. The Mophie case not only protects your phone, but extends the battery life. This way, he can Tweet, Facebook, call, text, Instagram, Tumbl and anything else all day without worrying about losing juice.       


What better way to record his final days as a student than with a kitschy Polaroid-like camera? Fujifilm makes instant memories and prints them in everybody's favorite format.

Best Speakers Ever

The Geneva Labs Sound System is one of the best speakers I've had the pleasure hearing. The sound quality is outstanding and the design is non-invasive. Your economically upward-bound dude can rest easy that this will work well in his new home.

Grown Up Shoes

I was once told by a friend's mother that the first pair of "real shoes" I should buy were Tod's. They're mostly timeless and last forever. The pair I bought after graduation still sit in my house, ready to roll.

Tie of Ties

True, not every graduate is heading to a world of suits and ties, but every man needs a good one. My brother swears by Hermès and honestly, you can't go wrong.