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High vs. Low: Katniss Dresses

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We always knew The Hunger Games would spawn a bunch of fashion trends. What we didn't realize, however, was how widely those book- and film-inspired pieces would vary in price.

Below at left, feast your eyes on Forever 21's belted shirtdress: a dead-ringer for the blue button-down Reaping Day dress heroine Katniss Everdeen learns she'll be participating in the deadly Hunger Games. In addition to being cute and very wearable, the dress will only set you back $14.80.

Then, thanks to our friends at ELLE.com, we learned that Calvin Klein's Francisco Costa had designed his own wearable tribute (ha!) to Suzanne Collins' beloved tale. Below at right, check out the peach-toned Katniss dress, which features beautiful shoulder cutouts and an elongating fold at the skirt. That craftsmanship will cost you, though—Costa's Katniss retails for $5,000.

We wonder which look Gale and Peeta would prefer. Do you have a favorite between the two?

Left: Forever 21 belted shirtdress, $14.80, forever21.com. right: calvin klein collection katniss silk-crepe dress, $5,000, net-a-porter.com.

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