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Snap Poll: How Old Is Too Old to Wear Crazy Ass Nail Art?

I'll take it.

I'm just as obsessed with nail art as the next Lucky staffer. (That reminds me: Show us your tips!) Last week, I tried confetti glitter. The week before, I did a grey nail with mint green French tips. The week before, it was Essie's Tart Deco. And the week before? I can't even remember. Too many nails.

My next step is to try some really crazy ass nail designs, à la Ray Siegel. I'm thinking some sort of mermaid theme could be cool—starfish, seahorses, mint green, coral!

But here's the thing: I might work at a fashion magazine. And I might have really teeny tiny nail beds that look cute covered in strange colors. But I also have a really big birthday this year. The "I'm-no-longer-in-my-twenties-and-allowed-to-make-stupid-mistakes" birthday. So am I just too old for this kind of kitschy crap?

I'm inclined to say that no, I am not. Carine Roitfeld is certainly not too old to wear stilettos. Emmanuelle Alt is not too old to wear white jeans. (Neither is Lauren Hutton.) It's all about confidence, right? About how you carry yourself.

So I'm going to get those mermaid nails. But what do you think? Is nail art something that should be wasted on the young?

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