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If There Was Ever a Collection That I Would Buy in Its Entirety It'd Be Confezioni Crosby Fall 2012

One of the hosts, Sidney, joked that last night's event should have been called "Homework." It's a newly coined term for showing workwear in the home—in this case a very lovely home on Crosby Street in SoHo. The apartment was filled with friends, Italian snacks, Prosecco and my new favorite collection.

Confezioni Crosby—designed by Benedetta Antonelli—is a collaboration with a historic US manufacturer of men's uniforms. Confezioni is an old-fashioned Italian word meaning tailormade and Crosby is where the company i sbased.

"My inspiration is always workwear and uniforms," said Benedetta. "My boyfriend manufactures men's workwear uniforms. Once I saw his showroom, I thought it would be nice to make workwear for women and feminize it. I always have that idea in the background. We'll always have canvas jackets and very functional pieces. This collection is all work-ish looking things, but it's soft and in nice fabrics. It's clean, neat, functional and durable for everyday life."

I took a look through the rack and decided there wasn't one piece that I wouldn't wear. Some impressive moments to highlight: She mastered the art of making corduroy look cool in the form of a boxy jacket with a poiny collar and some insanely adorable menswear-inspired overalls. She found a new use for fair isle by applying it to a puffy quilted top and a-line mini skirt. And it's no surprise that the canvas jackets perfectly meld our ideas of fashion and functionality. I can't stress it enough, but I WAS REALLY IMPRESSED! (I can assure you that isn't the Prosecco talking because I politely declined until after I carefully studied each garment.)

You can buy thes Spring collection right now at Opening Ceremony and the fall collection this August. Click here for boutiques near you.

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