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Is This Emma Watson's Weirdest Outfit Ever?

via the Telegraph

Yesterday, Emma Watson stirred speculation that she made Heidi Montag her new spirit animal.

Strolling through Beverly Hills in stillettos, a fur vest, oversize sunglasses and US Weekly MVP accessories (Hermès Birkin, Starbucks frappucino), Emma looked totally out of character for her typical label-averse self. (She's famously said she doesn't "wear designer bags or big sunglasses.")

Instead, those clothing choices were totally in character for her latest movie role. Emma's outfit was a costume for Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring, which tells the true story of a group of teenagers who robbed celebrities' homes for clothes and accessories.

We're a little relieved to realize that. Birkins and glamorous sunglasses look great on their own, but kinda caricature-y as part of that "I'm fabulous and hiding from the paparazzi" schtick. And we'd be sad if Emma traded in her classic-yet-creative outfits for a formulaic look that we see nine different versions of every week. (Although if she'd only been snapped wearing this ensemble off-set two weeks ago, it would've made a pretty great April Fool's joke. Like Lady Gaga in a skirt suit or something.)

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