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Lauren by Ralph Lauren's Dress Collection Will Solve All Summer Sartorial Dilemmas

I'm a longtime fan of Lauren by Ralph Lauren, the gently priced, all-ages-appropriate women's collection from Mr. Lauren's brand stable. Here's why:

1. It's preppy in the real sense of the word: nautical, neat, easy. You won't see low-rise denim or crop tops, no matter how trendy they become.

2. It looks as good on my mom as it does on me.

3. It's named Lauren. (I mean, how could I NOT love it?)

A couple of years ago, Lauren by Ralph Lauren launched a spin-off dress collection, with every style priced under $200. (Shop it here.) I'm particularly taken with this range because it's not terribly expensive, yet the quality is excellent. There are nice-feeling jerseys, stiff-in-a-good-way cottons, and for formal wear, pricey-looking sequins.

What's more, it's wide-reaching in terms of occasion: there are pieces you can wear to prom, to the beach, or to a wedding.

I've included some of my current favorites below. Seriously, even if you're all set for summer, at least email this link to your friends, your sisters, your moms. Fantastic dresses for reasonable prices are NOT a commodity.


Versatile. For real.


So close to what Julia Roberts wore to the polo match in Pretty Woman. Aka, my dream outfit.

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