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Live From FABB West: Elizabeth Banks Blogs!

Not only is Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks a fabulous actress and comedian, she's a hilarious writer who recently launched her very own website, ElizabethBanks.com. (She even guest blogs for us!) This afternoon, Banks sat down with Lucky EIC Brandon Holley to discuss everything from blogging to Twitter (@ElizabethBanks) to...mixed prints! (Yes, she loves fashion and has been obsessing over magazines since her teens.) Some key takeaways from the discussion:

On her glittering plum dress: "This is Matthew Williamson Fall collection. It has wings. And slits, so it's edgy. See that? I'm edgy."

On the voice of the ElizabethBanks.com: "It's silly, we don't take things too seriously."

On the awesomeness of Twitter: "I love Twitter and the interaction with fans, but there's also not the expectation that I HAVE to interact with them."

Another reason she's glad Twitter exists: "Someone would try to friend me on Facebook and if I didn't accept, they'd be like, 'Why you got to be such a bitch?"

On growing up in Western Massachusetts: "I got zero fashion inspiration. I grew up in a very small town—we didn't have a mall until I was a teenager. It was only one story, and it was not a place you went on a Friday night. We had a JC Penney, Sears, and TJ Maxx. So if you looked in Vogue and tried to approximate something you'd see in Vogue, you'd go to TJ Maxx and spend five hours looking through the racks."

On why she likes Lucky: "Because you edit everything for me."

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