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Lizzie Olsen 'Literally' Needs a Stylist, Michelle Obama Wears Another Brooch and More From Around the Web

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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen might never use a stylist, but their sister Lizzie just admitted she "literally" couldn't function without one. [PeopleStyleWatch]

Breaking news: Michelle Obama wore another pretty brooch last night and looked great. Again. [Fashionista]

If your Mom or Grandma doesn't have any good beauty advice to offer, don't worry. Just borrow other people's instead by watching this cute video of beauty tips from elderly ladies. [Racked]

Let's hope the Avengers movie is better than these red carpet looks from the premiere. [Styleite]

Nail art is everywhere, but is it weird/wrong/offensive to call it a 'trend'? [TheCut]

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around the web
around the web