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Look at These Cool Prada Graphics

Over the next few days, Prada's unveiling graphics like the ones below on Prada.com. Created by artist Vahram Muratyan, they play up the cartoonish aspects of Prada's spring accessories—a seemingly straightforward task, considering those heels, bags and shoes drip with cheeky references already.

With standout details like cartoon flames and exhaust pipes, the stilettos and sunglasses are already selling out swiftly. Still, the new illustrations will squeeze even more mileage out of that hot-rod theme.

Later this spring, Prada will release a capsule collection of t-shirts printed with the colorful, mid-century modern illustrations. It's a clever way for those with budgets closer to $100 than $1,000 to grab a kitschy piece of Prada (without, say, screenprinting a white Hanes with a photograph of the accessories)—and to get very, very meta, no?


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