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Lookbook Love: Katie Ermilio Fall 2012

Newish designer Katie Ermilio makes clothes that would fit seamlessly into both Olivia Palermo's and Lilly van der Woodsen's closets. They're ladylike, sure, but not stuffy and age-restrictive. With trompe l'oleil bras painted atop clingy sheaths and fancy-smancy elegant shorts, her clothes are body-conscious in a whip smart way that bandage dresses will never be.

In everyday life I don't actually dress with such polish and intention, but now that I'm in my mid-twenties I want to more often. If I'm going to buy something thats a few hundred dollars past the point of comfortable, I want it to be more enduring, something that I'll still be wearing—excitedly, too—at thirty-five and forty-five.

I think Katie Ermilio's stuff lands squarely in that category, especially the fall collection. Her brighter, currently available spring pieces are great too (shop them here), but fall's simple black-white-turquoise palette is part of what what woos me. It's kinda stupid to say it all looks so French, so Marion Cotillard eating macarons in the Tulieries—but, well, it does, right?

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