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lucky office visit: victoria justice

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Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice (whose show is aptly named Victorious) is about to take a step away from her teenybopper roots with a forthcoming album and a buzzy movie with funny gal Chelsea Handler out in October.

But don't expect hard-partying or the other shenanigans typical of teenage stars transitioning to adulthood from Justice; she has a good head on her shoulders. "I'm not really the target of paparazzi. I'm pretty low-profile with my personal life." she says. The busy star is currently working on her own album, and her influences may surprise you. "I absolutely love Hall and Oates–I just found out that they'll have a cameo on my show. I'm so excited!"

Arugably even more exciting is her upcoming film Fun Size, the directorial debut from The O.C. creator Josh Schwartz. "It’s a really great, up-and-coming cast. It’s both Josh's first feature film and it’s my first feature film so it was really neat collaboration and learning process." In Fun Size, Justice is forced to take her younger brother trick-or-treating instead of going to a massive Halloween blowout...but then she loses him. Reminiscent of Adventures in Babysitting, the film takes place in only one night. “Fun Size is a little bit edgier than my other work but it definitely has a sweetness to it," says Justice.

When it comes to fashion, Justice relies on her mother for advice: "She’s not a fashionista herself, but she knows so much about clothes. She’s always completely honest about what works well on me: what colors, what shapes, etc." Justice says with al laugh. "She’s very blunt, but in a good way." 

Even if you're not a 19 year-old actress with a blossoming music career, you could probably learn a thing or two from this ingenue. Click through the slideshow below to see how you can get Victoria Justice's look:


what she wore to lucky

“Joe's jeans, Aldo shoes, a Rachel Roy top, and a Yoana Baraschi top. I put this look together myself. I do have a stylist that I work with but it’s definitely a collaborative thing – I’m super picky.”


on her show Victorious

"No teenager is actually like Tori Vega (played by Justice). She comes to school all made-up and in heels – I would never do that."


her beauty favorites

Hair Conditioner: "I’m obsessed with Pantene Pro-V Flat to Volume. It smells so good – that’s my favorite thing about it. I don’t know what they put in that stuff – it just smells amazing."

Lipstick: "My all time favorite lip color is Revlon 130 Rose Velvet. It’s just the best."

Days without Makeup: "I also love posietint by Benefit. If I don’t feel like wearing any makeup, it makes you look fresh and lively."


her personal style

"I’m a jeans type of girl, definitely. I love printed jeans, especially Rag & Bone. I’m also really into saddle shoes – retro throwbacks. Oh and I love highlighter colors. I’ll always go for the boldest of color!"

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