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Luv AJ x LF's Arrowhead Baubles Are Perfect for Coachella Weekend

When it comes to tackling the summer music festival scene, what you wear is nearly as important as what shows you attend. Accessorizing is the name of the game for any blazingly hot outdoor event that calls for lightweight, relatively skimpy clothing—but since you'll be dancing and sweating up a storm, precious gems should probably be left at home.

Fortunately, music festival style is something L.A.-based jewelry designer Amanda Thomas of Luv AJ knows well. And she's just teamed up with LF on a 14-piece collection of feather- and arrowhead-adorned necklaces, cuffs and rings that all ring up under $150. Take a look at some of our favorites from the lineup below (and the full collection here), then click here to find an LF location near you—these pieces are only available to pick up in-store. We're guessing we'll be spotting these on Nicole Richie, Whitney Port, and lots of other notorious Coachella-goers (and Luv AJ fans).

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