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Maarten Van Der Horst x Topshop Is All Kinds of Tropical Amazingness

To be totally honest, I had no idea who Maarten Van Der Horst was until yesterday, so I was surprised to see his name next to "is designing a capsule collection for Topshop."

Past Topshop collaborators were much more familiar names—Christopher Kane, Mary Katrantzou—which made it easy to imagine what those clothes would look like before they even went on sale. Kane would use colors brighter than highlighters, Katrantzou would make ridiculously ornate digital prints, and this Van Der Horst guy— well, I didn't know what his "thing" was.

Apparently it's tropical prints and mannish silhouettes, and I'm into it. Those tropical prints might be kind of everywhere right now, but I haven't yet seen anybody style them in such an unabashedly '80s way, with boxy blazers, cycling shorts, bright eyesahdow and neon pink t-shirts. It makes me think Van Der Horst might have a sense of humor about the "overzealous tourist in Hawaii" look everyone's been loving.

I think Stella McCartney was the first to start this whole kitschy fad, and while I love her stuff I can't really afford it (like, at all). But Maarten Van Der Horst's capsule pieces range from $60 to $270, which means I could have some fun with the look without making a serious investment. I'll be shopping it when it goes on sale in Topshop boutiques and their website on Friday, May 4. (And I might just buy these currently-available palm-print cigarette pants right now.)

Photo courtesy of Topshop.

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