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mad men style points: the dark side of sally

Last night, after celebrating Easter with family, we settled into the living room to watch Mad Men (and Game of Thrones and The Borgias). The decidedly dark episode played out in stark contrast to the egg hunt, cake eating and reminiscing that transpired only hours before. We were faced with Don Draper's murder nightmare, grisly serial killings, multiple "under the bed" references, racial profiling and—perhaps most jarring—Sally Draper's descent into the dark world of drug addiction at the hands of her Bugle-eating, butcher-knife-toting grandmother (Better known as the '60s.) Of course, since this is Mad Men we're talking about, it was all done with style.

Don Draper, 15,500 points: This wasn't Don's greatest episode. Although we were relieved to find that he wasn't actually an adulterous murderer, he came off real weird...especially when his subconscious stuffed a dead body under the bed. Get well soon, Don.

Megan Draper, 18,000 points: The debate of Megan's future continues. Some of us are sure she'll become an Edie Sedgwick type plagued by drug use and eventual Jenny Gumping, while others think she'll play the role of dutiful Mrs. Draper II. This time around, she was the happy housewife taking care of her sick husband. She also wore a Proenza Schouler-looking print, so she's good.

Sally Draper, 23,500 points: Well well well, little Sally Draper is growing up. The inquisitive tot trash-talked her grandmother to her father, nearly refused to eat a tuna salad sandwich (with relish, disgusting) and went behind her nearly negligent grandmother's back to read all about the grisly serial killings in Chicago. Tsk tsk Sally, serial killers keep us all up at night—good thing your grandma was ready to go with some drugs. I foresee a dark future for you, but I like the chutzpah and the general "I hate everything" attitude you have going on. 

Betty Francis, 8,000 points: Betty was traveling for most of this episode, but she came home strong. Not much happened for her, except her walking by her daughter who was sleeping under the couch. These "under the bed" references are pretty creepy.

Joan Harris, 23,000 points: Joan was the real winner of the episode. After her husband finally returned from the war, she was faced with the reality that he had been called up for another year of service. Later, she found out he volunteered and she threw him out—forever. Good for you, Joan Holloway.

Peggy Olson, 20,000 points: Peggy gets street cred for staying late and taking Sterling for all he had in his wallet, offering Dawn a place to stay and making nice with her about the office. What held her back was that insanely awkward glance at her handbag on the table. Yikes.

Roger Sterling, 18,500 points: Despite being unprepared for the big Mohawk meeting, you have to applaud the guy for giving Peggy her props and for giving her the payout she deserved for the late-night work. He also has a very awesome chair.

Dawn Chambers, 17,000 points: Lauren was a fan of Dawn's dress this time around, but she also earns major style points for the note she left for Peggy and for folding up the blankets before she left in the morning.

Ida Blankenship, 10,000 points: I'll never let go.

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mad men
mad men