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Madewell Fall 2012 Is Wes Anderson-Inspired

I thought it to be quite a coincidence when Madewell designer Kin Ying Lee (who deemed me "such a Madewell girl") said that the fall collection was inspired by Wes Anderson films. You see, I had spent the entire morning trying to convince my fellow editors that The Life Aquatic is Anderson's best film. (Everyone else said it's a tie between Rushmore and Bottlerocket).

Whichever Wes film you most fancy, the wardrobe is undoubtedly on point. It makes sense that Madewell thought to tap into that, since their signature quirkiness could easily work for a coolly weird indie film character.

"His sensibility in terms of tradition mixed with whimsy—I hope we've captured that," said Kin. "We're looking at tradition, twisting it and having fun with it. That's what we feel Madewell is. It's great clothes, but it's how the individual customer puts their own spin on it. That gives the clothes depth."

She's definitely right. These are all things that off-kilter characters and real people alike could wear and can have fun mixing together, or with other random pieces.

Madewell Fall 2012

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