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Martinis and Stripteases Galore: An Evening With Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter, you read my mind.

Earlier this week, I headed down to Soho House's oaky, smoky library in downtown NYC to spend an evening with the guys (and gals) behind Mr. Porter, Net-a-Porter's site for shoppers of the male persuasion. And true to the e-destination's high-end inventory, slick videos and great gift guides, it was a suave event indeed.

The goal of the night was to teach us ladies "a few of the tricks men have up [their] tailored sleeves." Considering I never exactly aced Male Minds 101, this sounded promising. I kicked things off with a crash course in cocktail-making, a task made easier by the fact that my bartender happened to be, well, incredibly attractive. Deftly juggling three bottles at a time, he showed me how to mix the ultimate martini, blending gin, vermouth and a splash of orange bitters. "But where's the olive?" I asked. Turns out, only vodka martinis should be garnished with one. Gin martinis, like the one I personally prefer, should get a twist of citrus rind instead. Yum.

Later on, designer Alexander Olch showed partygoers how to tie a perfectly dapper bowtie. Considering I don't even know what I'm doing with a standard-issue necktie, this posed more of a challenge. Needless to say, I've got some homework to do in the men's neckwear department.

And for my final how-to of the evening, I (along with a bevy of blushing female editors) watched a buff male model type demonstrate how to properly undress in front of a lady. Seems there's a method to that whole getting-naked thing: socks and shoes come off first, then shirt, and lastly pants. Makes sense to me, I guess: if a dude were to take his pants off first, he might end up looking like Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Not like that's a bad thing, of course.

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