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Most Popular Fashion Brands by City

What are the most popular fashion brands in your city? We can infer that Seattle drips in North Face rain gear while Chicagoans treasure winter-blocking UGG boots. But at Lucky, we've always had this hunch that geography's effect on fashion goes beyond weather, and that different regions have their own style climates, too. A fashion personality that goes beyond necessity.

To prove it, we asked our friends at Shop It To Me—an online personal shopping assistant that tracks discounts on your favorite brands—to crunch some numbers. They analyzed the brand preferences of their users in 23 major U.S. cities and ranked the most popular brands 1-50 in each of them. (While the site works with over 800 brands, most customers are loyal to the 60 brands on the list above, which is why they'll be mentioned most frequently.)

Click through the slideshow below to explore some of their findings, and tell us, do you stack up with your city's preferences? Or is your wardrobe in an entirely different zip code altogther?


Top Brands: Victoria's Secret, BCBG, Nine West

Shopping Forecast: Out of all cities, it's where Michael Kors is ranked highest. Maybe it's all the neon pink and electric green he's been using lately?

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