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My Favorite Maison, Maison Kitsuné

I am a creature of habit. Most guys are. When it comes to style, I've been set in my ways for some time. My wardrobe is in line with my somewhat-WASPy upbringing, and it works so I don't mess with it. With my unwavering subscription to New England style, I look for brands that pump out timeless pieces with sharp attention to detail, fit, quality and color. But they're harder to come by than one might think.

Not that I haven't found some real gems along the way. A couple of years ago, after returning from the holidays, I had some time to kill before heading back to the office. Christmas money in hand, I traveled up and down the city, the hole in my pocket burning hotter every minute. Inevitably, I found myself in Opening Ceremony. OC is known for carrying more avant-garde designers; the sort of things you can't find anywhere else. So it's always a good place to browse. This trip, my hunt lead me to a small collection of Kitsuné pieces. (For those unfamiliar: Kitsuné is a decade old French record and fashion label, named after the Japanese word for fox and inspired by Japanese design and culture.)

There, I saw a finely crafted boiled wool toggle coat in a neutral camel and a bright red. It fit perfectly, which is  half the battle, but the detailing was what sold me: real horn toggles, leather patches affixing them to the coat, adjustable hood buttons, epaulets on the sleeves, finely finished seams. Boom, I forked over the Christmas money, bagged the coat I was wearing and wore the Kitsuné out of the shop.

Knowing I would have this coat for a long time—a very long time—I decided to research the brand a little more. The brand is a hybrid of music and fashion, two things that have always gone together (kind of like art and fashion, eh?) and was started by Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kurok in 2002. So in addition to their covetable fashion products, they also dish out some killer music. (Check out their mixes on iTunes.)

Continuing my retail love affair, I picked up an M65-like jacket last spring, as well as a magic fox pin that's traveled all over the world. (Which is lost. Come home to me, magic fox pin.) And I'm about to cop a shirt with boats all over it because that's how I roll.

Since my first purchase at Opening Ceremony, the brand's US footprint has grown exponentially: you can find them easily at Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys New York and several other spots.

However, if you really want to get into it and you'll be in New York City sometime soon, I suggest checking out their store, which opens any day now. I've been spying on it every morning and from what I can ascertain from skulking outside the construction site, it's going to be awesome. It'll be at in the Nomad Hotel, near the Opening Ceremony at the Ace Hotel and the No. 7 sub shop. Make a day of it—the clothes are lasting, and well worth it.

If you can't get to New York, or Paris, or Tokyo, you can shop their website. Scroll through below for a few of our top picks. The prices have been converted from Euros.

Maison Kitsuné

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