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New Video Starring Chanel Iman and Reece Hudson Accessories—It's So Hot

Chanel Iman makes a departure from her typical upbeat modeling spreads to star in this dark video directed by Jenna Elizabeth for BULLETT Magazine. The scene of the film, "Thirst," is a suite in Lafayette House (one of New York's coolest hotels), where Chanel's character seeks some pretty serious revenge when she catches her man cheating on her with some blonde chick. She handles the situation by poisoning her cheating lover, tying him to the bed and having her way with him using a scarily sharp tool set. All the while, Chanel is fiercely accessorized in Reece Hudson—the amazing corset is practically her co-star. And you'll see other various Reece handbags strung about the room. 

Jenna and Reece’s collaboration here really takes fashion films to another level. We’re looking forward to seeing more from these three girls. And by more I'm not only talkling about taking aggression out on men (even though we do enjoy that bit), but more bags, more models and more beautiful films.

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