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Obsessions: Wallpaper by Ixxi

I've always been obsessed with wallpaper: Maybe it's because I grew up in a house that didn't have any (my parents never deviated from various permutations of eggshell white paint). But I've always, always wanted a home wrapped in it. Seeing as I rent, the fantasies are on hold: Not only do I not know how to apply it to a wall, I definitely don't know how to get it off.

Meanwhile, if you have an appliance, or bookshelf, or door that warrants it, you can always use it in small doses. Interior Designer Nick Olsen, who used to man the Deal Hunter blog for Domino, made over my so-ugly-it-hurt tenement-style kitchen for an issue of Time Out New York years ago. He wallpapered my fridge using this awesome horse print paper from Cavern Home (applied with rubber cement), and edged my cabinets with black electrical tape. The wallpapered fridge lasted until it literally died—years, surprisingly—and looked just as crisp and pristine as the day he slapped it on.

If you're not craft-inclined, or your fridge is pretty just as it is, then check out Ixxi.nu, which I wrote about for the May issue of Lucky. Essentially, you can get the same effect as wallpaper, no glue required: They'll scale and tile any image to whatever proportions you want. You can choose from their impressive roster of options, which include pixelated variations on old masters photos. Or you can upload something yourself.

You might remember Elise Loehnen from her long stint on staff at Lucky—these days, she lives in Venice, California with her husband and cats and edits the shopping site Beso.com. She also writes our Web Obsessions section in the magazine.

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