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Our Favorites From #ShowUsYourTips

We've been building our #showusyourtips gallery of nail art for a few weeks, and it feels like we've seen just about everything. There were stripes, dots, bows, mustaches—you name it, it's in there. But, being the perfectionists we are, we decided to ask Maura Lynch, our senior beauty editor, for her favorites to date. She picked some winners for sure. Think your nails have what it takes? Submit them to the gallery via Instagram or Twitter. All you have to do is tag them with #showusyourtips and you're set.

In the mean time, visit the gallery to find your own inspiration. Nail art forever!



I love this slightly subversive version of a french manicure—the gray-tinged turquoise and different-sized flecks of glitter look so cool together.