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Pediterranean: It's How They Do Pedi's in the Mediterranean

Haven's newest pedicure is inspired by Sicily in the summertime. Starting May 7, you can take your tired feet into this SoHo spa and leave feeling like you've dipped your feet in the Mediterranean Sea. Walking around the city, or wherever you live during the heat, can really take a toll, so there's some extra buffing and scrubbing going on—all with fresh salty and citrusy products.

In keeping with the Italian theme, Haven offers a selection of nail polish from Dolce & Gabbana, The Makeup line. I peeked at the range yesterday and they're pretty much the colors of an Italian summer in a bottle.

One last perk: this service comes with a complimentary cup of iced grapefruit soda that contains a hint of Solerno Blood Orange Liquor. Cheers!

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