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This reminds me of something a silent film star would wear to shoot in Italy. I'd wear it with a full red lip and straw fedora.

Chambray shirts are as upbiquious as T-shirts these days. Mix things up by adding some spots.

This is why I love Marc Jacobs. Who else would think of an inverted dalmation print on python textured fabric?

Polka dots don't need to be uniform. The mix of sizes here is a fun twist on the trend.


Silky and soft as pajamas, but tailored to a tee.

Black and blue are projected to be a big thing this coming fall but I want this light pullover now. It will help me transition my wardrobe through spring's unpredictable weather.

High waisted polka dot shorts definitely nod to that whole 50's pin up thing. But, with a pop of neon or pastel, they'll look thoroughly 2012.

This looks like it was lifted from someone's Paris Fashion Week photo diary.

Okay so it's not yellow. But an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny navy polka dot bikini is way more flattering.

When I'm feeling jeans and T-shirt lazy in the morning, this scarf will be a live (and outfit!) saver.