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Puma Travel Log: Sao Paulo Cool Kids Like Yachts

Last night, after grabbing a few drinks and what seems like a never ending supply of Brazilian food at the Puma Social Club, our new local friends took us to a different part of São Paulo. Verônica Gunther, style editor of Papo de Homem and contributor to Vogue Brazil, told us we were going to a "fashion party."

I figured this would be much like the parties we have back home, and Verônica assured us there would be plenty of other fashion-y people there. She didn't lie: Club Yacht was full of cool kids decked out for the evening. The space was designed with industry stalwart Jean Paul Gaultier in mind: very nautical (hence the name).

If it wasn't clear in the United States, then Brazil certainly confirmed that I cannot dance. But I didn't care. It was all about the DJs, anyway. First, there was a crazy pair in kimonos pumping out what I'm told was traditional Brazilian music. During their set, I felt like I was back in New York City during the heydays of the The Misshapes. Everyone was going nuts.

After a brief interlude outdoors, we came back to the main room to find American 1980s hits blasting from the speakers. The DJ on this set was Nana Rizzini (apparently she is often confused with Lady Gaga and felt the need to wear a t-shirt that says "I am not Lady Gaga"). Once her set was over, she pulled out a snare drum and started banging away on her own songs, which weren't bad. But I still have no idea what she was saying.

Here's one of her hits below, courtesy of Spotify. You following us yet?