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Courtesy of Starz

In the new Starz series Magic City, Miami Beach is the place to be–at least in 1959. Within its first three episodes (which are all available for free online), the series' similarities to Lucky favorite Mad Men are evident: it's gripping, retro and incredibly stylish. But apart from time period and amazing outfits, the shows couldn't be more different. Magic City centers around the glamorous Miramar Playa Hotel, where mobsters and the ultra-rich come to play.

The series is chock-full of beautiful women in beautiful clothes. And the leading ladies range from the drop-dead gorgeous Olga Kurylenko (a former Bond-girl) to the sultry Jessica Marais. Dominik Garcia-Lorido, Andy Garcia's daughter, plays a struggling maid and there's even Grace Kelly dead ringer Kelly Lynch. The variety of characters leads to a variety in retro fashions: some sleek, some sexy and some preppy.

Click through the slideshow below to see how to work some of Magic City's retro fashions into your wardrobe, no mob-funding necessary:

Classic Yet Exotic

In the show, Olga Kurylenko (the Quantum of Solace Bond girl) plays the wife of the Miramar Playa hotel's powerful (but secretly struggling) owner. Click through to shop her look.

Courtesy of Starz

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