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Show Us Your Tips!

It's no secret that we're really into nail art (and apparently, we're not the only ones). We're always eyeing manicures on the subway or coveting some gel tips on the street. Yes, it seems we're always on the hunt for inspiration, so we want to see what you've got! It's simple, all you have to do is post a picture of your nails to Instagram or twitter (are you following us? we're @luckymagazine) with the hashtag #showusyourtips, and they'll appear below.

So go ahead and show us your tips! If you don't use Instagram or Twitter, scroll to the bottom and click the "add photos" button to upload your picture.


Click below to add your photos from Facebook, Instagram or your desktop.

The above photo gallery is sharing photos tagged #showusyourtips and #nailart.