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Here's what you need to know about Kate Somerville's DermaQuench. It's like an oxygen facial in a bottle that makes your skin more moisturized and somehow super refreshed. INSTANTLY. The Kate rep said that she's been using it on her butt in hopes that it will give her the same lift that it does on her face. This product is worth getting excited about.

If you wake up in the morning and you think that you look like crap, take the three extra minutes—only three—to apply this mask. I call it the "you'll never be able to tell how late I stayed up last night" mask.

Don't forget about your hands! It's easy to neglect them, but every morning and night I try to remember to lather on lotion because I don't want my hands to start to look old. This lotion feels so luxurious that I need an even stronger word for luxurious. You'll want to bathe in it.

Enzymes are important. They promote cell turnover and we all need to start using products that have them. Rather than using another lotion, I like to spray it on with this toner. It's a light refreshing mist and it smells good.

My new obsession is the lip mask. I know it seems like an extra annoying thing to add to the routine, but the results are worth it. To me this step is the piece that was missing from the puzzle, and when I have my lip mask on—all bases are covered.

If you're loyal to the drugstore, this shampoo is the best of both worlds. It smells really good just like those other ones do, but it works way better.