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Snap Poll: Do You Actually Brush Your Hair?

frédéric fekkai brush

Admittedly, a brush rarely gets run through my hair. And I have that thin, but there-is-so-much-of-it hair, which is the most prone to tangles. It gets really messy, really fast. To the point where I've had the tangles professionally removed.

But I like the way that messier hair looks. As a kid, I'd always had soft, stick-straight baby hair. I tell you, it was hard growing up in the ’80s surrounded by big perms and poufy bangs. I'd stand in front of the mirror for hours with various sticky hair sprays and heat styling tools to no avail. Little did I know, as my ten year old self, that all I needed to do was undergo several chemcical coloring processes to attain that desired texture.

After a wash and blow dry I can still get back some of that softness, but it's far more textured than it ever was. I suppose that's why I've spent my twenties really playing up the "bed head" thing. I even cut my hair uneven and have it razored to look that much messier. It's so unkempt looking that when the beauty department was doing a feature on detanglers, Jean Godfrey-June used my portrait to go alongside the products. My mother once gave me a fancy brush as a not-so-subtle hint that I needed to use one. I'm not saying she was wrong.

My advice to anyone who has hair, you can brush it as much as you please. But keep the hair washing to a minimum. Eventually, your hair will get used to it and it won't produce as much oil.

Are you brushing that mop or not? Do you believe in "no more tangles?" Tell me!

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