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Snap Poll: What's Your Style Scar?

We all make bad style decisions now and then, but what separates a mere fashion regret and (what I like to call) a ‘style scar’ is how big the gap is from perceived awesomeness to epic fashion fail. And I failed. Gloriously.

The year was 1998. The object of my obsession: a pair of puffy, blinding white, futuristic designer snow boots. The minute I laid eyes on them (at Loehmann’s, naturally), I could’ve sworn they were Prada Sport. (They weren’t.) I took them home on a Saturday and walked into school wearing them on a Monday, head held high. Paired with a shrunken white tee and knee-length black skirt (made out of paper-thin nylon, it was very Comme des Garçons), I thought I looked so Björk, or at least Björk-by-way-of-New-Jersey. I was grossly misunderstood.

“Storm Trooper!!!” one dude called out.

“What the [insert expletive] is on your feet?!” said another, who I think was one of my closest friends at the time.

“It’s 55 degrees out!!!” called out a voice in the crowd, origin unknown. (At this point, I couldn’t bear to see who it was.)

I vividly remember the word “moron” at some point.

And these are just the comments I remember. By first period, I felt the sinking realization that against the backdrop of blue lockers, I looked not like the avant garde tastemaker I fancied myself, but rather, a dork in snow boots. I never wore them to school again. When faced with them 14 years later, shoved in the closet in my parents’ house, I always wince. Partially because of the sartorial humiliation, but more because deep down inside, I still think those boots are kind of amazing.

Have you ever worn something that no one else got? Did your number one designer find end up a comic disaster? Are your friends still talking about that ridiculous (i.e. brilliant) hat of yours? Go on—share your best style scar here.


The snowboots pictured above are not the pair I bought in '98, but they're similarly awesome. Lacoste Arbonne Ski5 Boot, $98.87, amazon.com


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