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Snap Poll: Would You Wear These Crazy Glasses That Are Actually a Smart Phone?

These futuristic-looking glasses are not designer-made or the latest eyewear trend, but they might get very popular. Part of Google's "Project Glass" initiative (which you can read about here), the skinny specs are actually a wearable computer—sort of like…an iPhone for your eyes. By wearing (and talking to!) them, you can enjoy all the same benefits of your daily smart phone apps, only hands-free. So…in theory that all sounds really convenient and great, right? But tell me honestly—would you actually wear a pair in public?

In the video I've included below, Google demonstrates exactly how they work with footage shown from a user's perspective. First, the man wakes up and has coffee while happily chatting with his weird eye visor about his plans for the day. Then, as he heads outside—where actual people can see him, gah!—the computer warns him of a transportation delay and gives directions to the Strand bookstore, where he's meeting a friend. When they do get together, I notice that his friend isn't wearing his own headset, nor does he comment on his companion's get-up.

Also, it occurred to me mid-way through the demonstration that to really utilize this product's features, I would have to spend the entire day cryptically muttering to myself. Living in New York, I've encountered a lot of busy commuters with bluetooth headsets and it can be very annoying (Really? Can't you just text it?).

But hey, maybe I'm passing judgment too quickly. I really do love my normal iPhone and find it makes life a lot easier, so maybe these computer glasses would just build on that. I'm not sure. What do you guys think?