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This James Van Der Beek Jeans Commercial Is a Spoof

We don't know much about the upcoming show Don't Trust the The B--- in Apt. 23. But that's probably because we've been too consumed with our current TV roster—Mad Men, Game of Thrones—to do anything productive, like planning a future DVR schedule.

Then we saw ABC's new promotional video for the series, a spoof commercial starring cast member James Van Der Beek. In it, Van Der Beek sells BJs— that's Beek Jeans—which are tighter than your little sister's jeggings fresh out of the dryer.

While we still don't know much about the actual show, which premieres next Wednesday, April 11, we figure this merits trial status. Mostly because it's funny to see Dawson Leery slapping his own butt and waddling off stage in pants so tight he can't bend his knees. If the show shares the same oddball humor, it might just be able to hang on to a spot in our aggressive, embarrasingly long TV roster—even after Pretty Little Liars and Revenge return.

Watch the video below, and see more amazing, slightly-ridiculous denim looks here:


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