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This Video Will Make You Say Yes to...EVERYTHING

Courtesy of Yes to

Students from the Ngeya Primary School in Maai Mahui, Kenya—the first Yes to Hope garden in Africa.

We first fell in love with Yes To Carrots (and Cucumbers, Blueberries, etc.) because it’s super-affordable, incredibly effective, and natural. We fell in love a little more when we heard the company was donating a portion of all sales to the Yes to Seed Fund, which helps build organic gardens and provide nutritional education in under-served communities in the US.

The love affair continues: Yes to is partnering with Mama Hope, a non-profit that helps develop self-sustaining communities throughout Africa, to create Yes to Hope, which brings the organic garden model to Africa. The goal is to supplement the daily lunches of 10,000 children in Africa by the end of 2012 (the first garden has already opened and is feeding 1,800 students a day). Each Yes to Hope school in Africa will be paired with a Yes to Seed Fund school in the United States, so the students can communicate as they grow their gardens. Plus, there’s this cute video!

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