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Threadflip.com Launches 'White Glove Service': The Easiest Way to Sell Used Clothes Online

Reselling clothes online sounds really great in theory. But the truth is that is takes an awful lot of work to photograph everything, upload, list and ship it. Starting today however, there's a service that seamlessly does the work for you: Threadflip.com.

While the social shopping site already has helpful features such as free shipping labels and Facebook sign-in, it just launched a new "white-glove service" this morning. This allows members to have their items assessed, posted and sold by the website's stylists. Then, when the process is over, a percentage of the profits (about 40 to 50 percent) are sent to the user either by mail or PayPal.

After you've cleared some space in your closet, the website is also great spot to buy affordable, gently used stuff. Upon joining, you'll fill out a profile with your sizes and tastes; these preferences then filter content for pieces specific to you. So if you're a Mad Men obsessed size 8 with a penchant for vintage dresses, you won't have to sift through fifty XS rocker T-shirts to find something you like. And, since the entire platform is coordinated with Facebook, you can constantly interact with your fashion-minded friends by recommending pieces they might like, and weighing in on their favorites.

Visit Threadflip.com to cash in on your clothes—and buy some new ones!—now.