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Victoria Beckham Is Now On Facebook

via Facebook

Victoria Beckham joined Facebook this morning. The new page represents Victoria Beckham both as a person and as a company, which might help explain why it's already so, so popular. (When I started writing this, the page had 36,000 fans. About twenty minutes later, it has 52,269 and by the time you click on that link it'll have way more.)

Sure, people love Posh for all of her "Celebrities: Not Just Like Us" nonsense— never smiling, always wearing 6-inch stilettos in the airport—and that probably accounts for part of her page's fast following. But we'd imagine lots of the traction comes from customers of her brand rather than fans of her celebrity.

Just four years after starting her namesake line of solid-color, body-skimming sheaths, Victoria Beckham's expanded her company incredibly: in addition to those high-end pieces that hover around $3,000, she offers skinny denim under $300 and diffusion line dresses under $1,000.

I would've killed for one of those cat-printed Victoria by Victoria Beckham dresses, but I was too slow to scoop it up when it went on sale. And ditto for that capsule collection she did with Netaporter.com earlier this year, which sold out in a matter of hours. In both of those cases, something like, say, a Facebook update announcing the launch might've been helpful. And I'm sure I'm not alone in that sentiment. Her page now has 57,824 followers, after all.

Like it here—you'll probably be lucky number 98,000 or something—and click through below to shop a few of our favorite, curently available pieces.

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