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Waka Flocka Flame Is My New BFF, No Big Deal

Spin magazine hosted a Waka Flocka Flame show at the Bowery Hotel last night. Luckily, my media bud Robbie Sokolowsky had one extra VIP ticket and a hunch that this might be my kind of show. He thought right. Flocka is a southern hip hop artist who's been accepted by the rap scene in every city because he's so great. And like most hip hop artists, he has killer iced-out accessories. It also appears that he knows his way around the monochromatic stripe trend.

Even if you're not a fan, you might know one of his recent hits, "No Hands," which starts out with an order to "listen to the track."

One of my favorite rap albums of all time is the street album he recorded with Gucci Mane, Ferrari Boyz. I told Flocka that I listen to him and Gucci Mane on the subway ride to work every morning and everyone looks at me like I'm crazy. He laughed a genuine laugh (best moment of my life?) at the thought of little me blasting loud hip hop and catching stares.

His next album, Triple F Life, is dropping on June 12. "Triple F" supposedly stands for friends, family and fans. I believe that after meeting him. What a gentleman! Other rappers should take a cue from those southern boys. YOU HEARD??!!

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