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Want Seriously Discounted Pamela Love Jewelry? Barneys Has Some—But Not For Long

So here's the thing—I love Pamela Love's tough, earthy jewelry more than is probably considered normal. But the CFDA finalist's statement baubles generally come at a fairly steep price, at least for costume gems.

So when I heard that a number of Love's pieces for Gaga's Workshop at Barneys were majorly marked down right now at Barneys.com, I dropped everything and clicked on over. And the rumor was true—there are studded cuffs, iridescent pointy earrings and chunky rings on sale, most for under $200. But judging from the cult following Pamela Love's built over the past few seasons, they won't be there for much longer. Check out a few of my favorites from the sale below, and click here to see everything on offer.

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