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Watch Models Eat Ice Cream in Alice + Olivia's Magnum Ad

When deciding what nighttime essentials to try and squeeze into your tiny evening clutch, ice cream bars—however diminutive—are usually not a high priority. For one thing, clutches (at least those we own) aren't refrigerated.

Still, we ask you to suspend reality for a second as you watch the new video Alice + Olivia's Stacey Bendet has released to celebrate her team-up with Magnum ice cream, which just launched their new Mini bars. In the clip, several dressed-to-the-nines party girls snack on the frozen dessert while reading the paper, or hanging out with friends. Along the way, a stray ice cream bar seems to get forgotten atop a turntable, which makes us fear for the musical equipment's safety more than anything else.

Bendet will also be designing a "Mini skirt" (get it?) that will reflect the playfulness of Magnum Minis, to debut along with her Spring 2013 collection for Alice + Olivia. Until that drops, check out "Manhattan Mini" below, which features the tune "Weekend" by the very awesome Class Actress.


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