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Which Jeans Are Best: Sandro vs. Isabel Marant Edition

In 1995, jeans like the ones at left would’ve been de rigueur. I’m sure some girl (Ed note: ME) had a favorite version that she wore for watching Hootie and the Blowfish concerts and My So-Called Life episodes that are now sitting in a Salvation Army bin somewhere marked "$2."

But these aren’t those: these are the fancy versions that two of my favorite French designers made. Isabel Marant's $420 Ipa jeans are on the left, Sandro's $285 Parvis jeans on the right. Like glamping (maybe) or acid wash jeans (definitely) they’re supposed to be sort of ironic, a throwback in many ways—except their price.

Of course, even though they’re more slim-fit and low-slung than any ‘90s hand-me-down jeans I've seen—and softer, too— they’re still very spendy for denim. But, hypothetically, if I were going to buy a pair—as I really wish I could, since they'd look equally great anchoring Kate Bosworth-y summer music festival looks (suede tassel booties, graphic tanks) as they would balancing more polished things (crisp white button downs, patent leather brogues)—- I'm not sure which pair I'd choose.

I really like the punchy, brighter blue of Sandro's jeans—but Isabel Marant’s do have that cropped hem that she always pairs so nicely with pointy toe shoes. Although, for the price of the Marant jeans, you could buy Sandro’s pair and all of the stuff in the slideshow below. And still have enough money left over for a simple hem service to crop them. Which would you choose? (You know, hypothetically, if you were comfortable paying more for a pair of jeans than you would for a party dress.)

Isabel Marant "Ipa" jeans: $420

Sandro "Parvis" jeans, plus all of this: $415.81

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