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Which White Jeans Are Best For Your Body Type

White jeans have been getting a bum rap for way too long. Not only have they been unjustly exiled to certain seasons with that ridiculous post-Labor Day rule, but a lot of people are too scared to wear them simply because they are, well…white. Which, as I hope to convince you of today, is not synonymous with unflattering.

Yes, if something happens, "they can get really dirty"—but that can be avoided by....using napkins. And/or OxiClean. And just because they're light doesn't mean they're going to make you look big. White jeans should be approached just like any other piece of denim: by fit.

In the slideshow below, I've shopped the best white denim for three height categories—tall, medium and petite—divided in two sections: slim and curvy. Click through to find out which pair works for your body type.


With your long, lean, model-like proportions, you'll probably look amazing in any silhouette. However, why waste a super-human physique on the mundane? Go for the tailored bell bottoms and let us live vicariously through you.

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