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Your Go-to Summer Work Staple for Under $100

No matter what they're required to wear (Mad Men-style coat and tie, start-up friendly button ups and jeans), guys definitely have a harder time getting ready for work in the summer heat.

We can throw on things like this dress from Kamali Kulture, Norma Kamali's affordable line. It's simple, flattering and versatile—but it's also got a sleeveless top and above-the-knee hem. Unless man tanks (manks?) and shorts are considered professional-looking, those two things don't usually make sense for men at work, regardless of the temperature outside.

So while this dress would be an easy, effortless staple all year round (with a blazer, trench, tights, whatever) it's especially good for mornings when you wake up stuck to your bedsheets, allergic to the idea of sweating through another silk blouse and pants combo.

Buy it here for $88. And maybe get it in red, too. (The machine washable jersey fabric means no dry cleaning bill. So in the long run, it's almost like saving money. Sort of.)

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