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Have Your Next Party at Lady Gaga's Former Apartment—For Just $12,500


Casa de Gaga

Country clubs, public parks and friends' lofts are all well and good, but wouldn't it be nice to throw your next big shindig at a REAL A-list spot, like Lady Gaga's apartment?

New website Eventup.com gives property owners the opportunity to rent out their venues—on a by-event basis, of course. Users can then book the properties for either a daytime or evening party while bypassing the cost of an event planner.

Feel like throwing a dance party at Lady Gaga's old one-bedroom on the Lower East Side? Doable—so long as you can pony up the $12,500 booking fee. How about holding a champagne and cheese event at Katharine Hepburn's brownstone? It's listed, too. And if you've got a thing for Bob Dylan, you might enjoy hosting a poetry reading at his former house in Turtle Bay—yours for a day starting at $32,000. For those with shallower pockets and a lot of guy friends, there's also the intriguingly-named "Man Loft," a Meatpacking District space where testerone seemingly flows as freely as the beer on tap. That one rents for $500 per event.

For those who want to celebrate like the stars, Eventup could be the perfect party-planning solution. But what do you think? Would you book a space for your next birthday, launch party or Friday-night rager through the new site?


Dylan's former digs

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