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Katniss Everdeen's Frye Boots From The Hunger Games Can Now Be Yours

Courtesy of The Frye Company

Want to dress like a tree-climbing tribute? Even if you don't spend your early-morning hours hopping electrified fences to go hunting in the woods, there's no reason to deny yourself the comfy, practical footwear necessary for such a task.

Enter The Frye Company's Melissa lace-up boots—the very same pair Jennifer Lawrence wore to take on the role of heroine Katniss in the smash-hit flick. They're available in three different colors for $398 on the brand's website. And because they're so classic, you won't look like you're getting a head start on your Katniss Halloween costume when you wear them. Unlike, say, this District 12 training top. Or even this mockingjay pin.

melissa tall lace boots, $398, thefryecompany.com

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