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Lucky: You've been touring constantly over the past year, it seems. With limited suitcase space, what and how do you pack?

Freddie Cowan: I learned pretty quickly not to be precious about the clothes we take on the road—everything gets trashed and you rarely see an iron. So we pack jeans, working shirts and cool tees. I like '50s leather pieces or rock n' roll gabardine jackets for when it's cold.

If you could only buy jeans from one place, where would it be and why?

Honour Among Thieves in Melbourne. It's run by friends of ours and the designer is a veteran jean maker. Without question the best jeans we've come across.

What's your personal style like in general?

We try to look cool—without trying.

How would your ideal girl dress?

With some individualism and imagination. I don't think hipsters look hip, and a lot of girls who shop on the high street end up dressing the same. Your outfit should be an extension of your personality—then you'll feel comfortable and guys will totally dig you.

On that note, your song "Norgaard" is about the Danish model Amanda Norgaard. What's the back story there? Also, any other models catch your eye lately...?

Yes, Amanda's a model [my bandmate] Justin went on a double date with a few years ago...but he ended going home alone. Poor guy. Still—no pain, no song. Most models catch our eye—isn't that the point of them? To mess with your better judgment!

What are a couple of your favorite shopping destinations and wardrobe items?

Honour Among Thieves and Mountain Manor T-shirts.