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Joan Holloway Harris and Peggy Olson

Unlikely duo Peggy and Joan started getting friendly at the end of last season. Last night, they once again had a bonding moment, this time while eavesdropping on Pete Campbell and Lane Pryce duking it out. We love how their styles in this scene were so quintessentially them, but a little more modern. It is 1966, after all. Click through to shop their looks.

Cynthia Cosgrove, Megan Draper, Trudy Campbell

These young wives dressed totally in character at the Campbell's Saturday night dinner. Cynthia, whom no one can seem to remember, stuck with a sensible yellow shift. Megan wore purple, again. And Trudy's frothy tea-length gown gave her the vintage-Betty-Draper style she's constantly chasing. Click through to shop their looks.

Don Draper, Pete Campbell, Ken Cosgrove

We were all a little freaked out by the sport coats, am I right? Especially Don's. But that doesn't mean we weren't inspired, too.... Click through to shop the look.