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Rag & Bone's Hampden shop-in-shop.

Shoes, glorious shoes!

Marcus and Stacy lend a little styling assistance.

Beers. In a boat. What more could you ask for?

I loved the custom glass bottles the Hampden team had made for the event.

Stacy's family home on the beach—beautiful.

Those are some chic utensils.

The bluegrass band.

Stacy and the boys enjoy some fun on the shore.

All of the lights.

Here I am with the whole Hampden team—I made so many new friends in Charleston!

David enjoys a moment of peace before the show starts. I should mention he also sang a stanza or two of "American Pie" earlier that morning.

The scene from above.

And the show begins...

That's how you colorblock, kids.

Exposed zippers always look right.

Marcus and David take a much-deserved bow.

Deer over denim.