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Shop it Out: Titanic

Titantic is back and having a moment. First it was the mega 3D release of the 1997 film, for which we celebrated Kate Winslet's style evolution. And now in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the ship's sinking, ABC is premiering a four-part miniseries (full of awesome period costumes) about the tragic voyage.

A lot of thought went into getting the costumes just right. For instance, costume designer James Keast differentiated the First, Second, and Third Class passengers through clothing. Did you know a larger hat size denoted a larger bank account? While watching this weekend, now you'll also notice that the First Class passengers have tall and slender bodies and wear larger hats, while the Second and Third Class passengers have curvier bodies and wear smaller hats.

Click through the slideshow to shop the modern looks inspired by Titanic style. Afterall, we have to get our period costume fix somewhere while Downton Abbey is on hiatus.

Titanic airs Sunday, April 15 at 9:01 p.m. EST.


The styles of the time: embroidered purses, long sleeve dresses, flouncy blouses and debonaire suiting. Click through to shop the looks.

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