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Style Schifter: Jewelry Designer Blair Husain on the Meaning of Numbers

In her new web column, Lucky contributor Helen Schifter reveals what's she's wearing, watching and of course, buying.

Earlier this spring, my talented friend, the novelist Danielle Ganek, had a group of NYC moms to breakfast at her apartment…and I was struck, even at that bright and early hour, by the clean lines of Blair Husain’s-Roman numeral jewelry designs, as well as their intriguing customizations. If you believe, as I do, that numbers have a mysterious power in our lives, then you’ll covet a unique piece memorializing a birth date, anniversary, or any meaningful numbers that you can wear for good luck!

Lucky: What is your favorite piece of jewelry from your line and why?

Blair Husain: My personal favorite is the large 18K roman numeral cuff. It is the first piece I ever made and has my wedding anniversary on it!

What occasions have been commemorated? Funny stories? Serious ones?

We have commemorated everything from birthdays, anniversaries, college graduations, christenings, sweet sixteens, to even a moving-to-NYC date.

My favorite story is about the husband and wife who bought each other anniversary presents-he a cuff for her and she, cufflinks for him-and neither knew until the day of the surprise! Or for a more serious or inspirational story, seven women friends gifted a charm with seven diamonds in a circle to a friend of theirs that was undergoing cancer treatments. They wanted her to feel strong and connected by them during that challenging time.

What was your inspiration in a nutshell to start this line? Why is it unique?

My inspiration has been my own love for my family and friends—numbers are so significant in our lives, and need to be remembered and jewelry really signifies these events. It is unique because the significance is your own.

What is the bestseller and why? How broad a range are your clients?

The roman numeral charms are very popular and everyone should have one in their wardrobe. My clients are very chic women that love to get dressed and accessorize. Both collectors and first time jewelry investors understand the concept of my jewelry.

Tell us something about the price points and the value? Also versus other gift jewelry, how does it compare?

The price points range from $400 to $10,000 and every piece can last for generations and become an heirloom. This is gift jewelry, but this is thoughtful gift jewelry-it has real meaning. We also can work within any budget because each piece is unique, we can control all aspects of the design and price point.

What is the process, dialogue, waiting and lead time to make a piece?

The process is very fun and creative for both me and the client. I enjoy learning about how they want to wear the jewelry and what they want to commemorate. Some pieces take a week to make and others can take two months.

How personally involved are you with each customer?

My favorite part is learning from the clients what numbers or dates are significant to them and designing a piece that they will wear every day and can pass down for generations. I love learning about their children or how many years they have been married or how the pieces will compliment other jewelry that they already own.

Tell us about yourself in a few words.? How do you relax? What are your favorite travels, foods, colors?

I am a mother of three and have been married for 15 years to my favorite person in the whole world. My most relaxing time is the weekends when we are all together and we don't have anything scheduled. I love wandering through the Metropolitan Museum or the Natural History Museum for inspiration.

My favorite trips are to the bahamas-gold always looks good in a bikini or with a tan- or trips to Dubai, where the culture celebrates jewelry and its importance of symbolism. I will go anywhere as long as I can share it with my family.

I love spicy food-the hotter the better!

My favorite color is blue-the color of the sky, the water, and my father's eyes.

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