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What's Your City's Style? We Break Down Trends in New York, San Francisco and Beyond

With the help of blogs and live-streaming runway shows, trends are spreading faster than they ever have before. But that doesn't mean that girls from different regions of the world will like the same things.

While technology has helped democratize fashion, the way people dress is still heavily influenced by the climate and mood of their hometown. In New York, we've noticed that the off-duty look of young Manhattan women is a pair of rolled up skinny jeans, ankle booties and some sort of button-down top. Yet, according to Polyvore.com, this changes as you head across the country.

We partnered with our friends at the social shopping site to evaluate the mood boards of users from five American cities to see how the residents' styles compare. Click through the slideshow below to see what's trending across the United States—does your hometown's style match your own?

San Francisco

San Franciscans were drawn to low key basics with mixed with colorful accessories: black jeans, white t-shirts, red bags. Sneakers were also a major trend—a must for walking the city's sloping streets.

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